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Section 1.0

Any business relationship is subject to these terms and conditions

TibroHost (hereinafter referred to as “us” or “we”) and the client (hereinafter referred to as “the client”). The governing law is that which was valid when the contract was executed.

Section 1.1

Conflicting, conflicting, or contradictory client terms and conditions

Even if they’re acknowledged, they’re not part of the contract

Explicitly agreed to.

Section 1.2

TibroHost Company users have to agree to all our terms and conditions. If the user breaks any terms or rules, the TibroHost company can take any action against the user. For example, by suspending user services and blocking access to the website.

Section 2.0 (Usage policy)

TibroHost lets users or clients use as much as they want, based on their quota. Extras can be bought separately if anyone wants them. Against TibroHost terms and conditions, no user is allowed to use an extra feature or ask for extra storage space.

Section 2.1 (Spamming or Fishing Activity)

All terms and conditions need to be agreed to by the user before using the TibroHost services. Any spamming or activity that runs against the terms of service will not be tolerated. As a result, TibroHost Company has the right to suspend or in an emergency, terminate the account without notice.

+Fair usage:

* Using hosting or other services without doing any spamming or similar activity.

* Users should not use any reported IP address to access TibroHost services, if any reported IP caused the problem, then TibroHost can suspend the account until the issue is resolved.

Section 2.2 (Service Renew Policy)

TibroHost.Com may offer exciting or new clients any offer at regular price at any time without prior notice. The TibroHost company can increase the price based on the situation, but it will inform clients three days prior to the due date.

Hosnin doesn’t normally increase renewal prices, but in the event of an emergency or an increase in assets, such as a control panel license, server costing, and others, TibroHost has full authority to raise or lower the price.

Section 2.3 (Refund Policy)

Every hosting package from TibroHost comes with a 45-day No Question Asked refund policy, after 45 Days of the NQA (No Question Asked) refund policy, a general money-back policy will be applied. In this policy, Before you claim your money back, make sure you meet any of the following requirements.

*Server slow issue.

*Support was unavailable for a long time.

*The support system is too weak as perceived by users (with a valid reason).

*Service is not provided as described.

*TibroHost can’t solve any problem that is occurring on the server.

Refunds will not proceed if:

*Requested services or domains are resolved. 

*Aggressive behavior with slang word

*The provision of services in an unethical and fraudulent manner.

*Suspended due to client abuse. 

*Aggressive spamming and spam advertising. 

Please note: change of mind, change of wish, or change of interest is not applicable for claiming a refund. VPS, Dedicated server, and Reseller hosting plans refund will not be processed on 45 days no question asked policy, and you can not claim the refund for any reason of the following “refunds will not proceed if” section. 

Section 2.4 (Suspension of Domain)

Domains that have been suspended by a domain authority due to spamming or similar activities cannot be hosted by TibroHost. But, TibroHost is committed to helping you restore the domain if it is purchased from TibroHost. TibroHost will give every instruction with or without video, text, and voice.

Section 2.5 (Domain availability)

Concerning the contractual relationship is concerned,

Registration of domain names. We conduct the procurement of the

Desired domain only. The actual allocation of the domain name.

We must confirm it first. We do not have any influence over

The allocation of the domain. A liability and warranty for the actual

Allocation of domain names ordered is therefore excluded.

3.0 (Server and Datacenter)

We guarantee an annual average of 99.9% network availability for the

The infrastructure of our servers. If the security of network operations

Or the maintenance of network integrity is in jeopardy, we can

Temporarily restrict access to the service as required.

3.1 (Service Abuse)

The client will receive a user ID and password for security purposes.

This must be kept confidential. The client will be held liable for any

Malpractice resulting from the unauthorized use of the password. If

The client becomes aware that unauthorized third parties know the

Password, they have to inform us without delay. If the client is at fault

For third-party password abuse, the client will be liable for all user fees

And damages. In suspicious cases, the client can request a new

Password, which we then send on to the client.

3.2 (Clients Data)

Personal data of clients will only be collected and used if they are

required for the creation, content arrangement, or modification of the

contractual relationship. The client is obligated to update these data

in their online administration interface.

3.3 (Newsletter and E-mails)

The client’s Email address will only be used for information regarding

Orders, for invoices and – provided that the client does not object –

For customer care, as well as for our newsletter, if the client so wishes.

3.4 (Third-party Data usage)

We do not give any personal client information to third parties, with

the exception of our service partners in so far as this is required to

determine payment and billing with the client.

3.5 (Liability of Damaging Server)

For direct damages, secondary damages, or lost profits due to

technical problems and disturbances within the Internet that are not

in our sphere of influence, we assume no liability. I the case of the damaging server, the TibroHost will provide previous site backup which is taken every week.  So the user won’t face any major issue with data. 

3.6 (Payment Issue)

Users can pay through the TibroHost multiple Payment method. Here is:

We receive payment with mobile banking gateways Bkash, rocket, cellpin, Upay and nagad. In the bank transfer, we accept debit and credit cards. If the user made a payment outside of our payment method then we’re not liable to proceed with this payment. It will remain unpaid until we receive payment with our official method.

3.7 (Overdue payment)

Depending on the contractual agreement, a monthly, quarterly, or

annual charge will be made. Monthly payments are conducted solely

by issuing a debit authorization. All other payments are made by

the invoice. Payment is due immediately upon receiving the invoice.

4.0 (Suspension on overdue)

We’ll send overdue invoices through e-mail (which was provided by the client). If the invoice remains unpaid after 3days of generate service can be paused and no longer use without payment. If users try to use any trick to make the invoice paid without payment then we can terminate the service with or without any warning.

4.1 (Terminate of service)

If any invoice remains unpaid for up to 60 days, the service will be terminated automatically. If any offer or free rescourse included with the packadge, this will be remain as same but free rescourse or Offer can be claim within 7days of order confirmation. TibroHost won’t take any liability for losing data of the client in this case. The termination process is automatic so any request can’t be received without payment.

4.2 (inappropriately behave)

If the user does any inappropriate behaviour with our executive and it happens continuously, the TibroHost has full right to take any action against that user. Using slang words, committing a crime, cheat, being naughty, disobedient, continuously disturbing with call or message without any valid reason, and trying to crash our service is included in inappropriate behaviour.

* These terms of conditions can be updated, changed, and deleted as per company planning. But the TibroHost authority must inform the users about any update of terms or conditions. 

4.3 (Cancellation Policy)

To cancel a package, simply access your client area and locate the package you wish to cancel. Click on the icon next to it and select ‘Request Cancellation’ to fill out the form.

If you opt for immediate cancellation, your service will be terminated within 24 hours of submitting the form. It’s important to note that PayPal subscriptions must be cancelled separately.

Please be aware that no other forms of cancellation will be accepted. To avoid being billed for the next cycle, make sure to submit your cancellation request before the invoice is due, and ensure that there are no due invoices at the time of cancellation. If you have a dedicated server, please submit your cancellation request at least 15 days before the renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing period.